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    Saint's Row Review (keep in mind that I wrote this 2 or so years ago)



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    Saint's Row Review (keep in mind that I wrote this 2 or so years ago)

    Post  MegaTyX on Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:38 am

    Saint’s Row 7.75 out of 10

    Now we have seen many, and I mean many…. Grand Theft Auto clones. To go ahead and say this, it is one of the better ones. The gameplay is based around a surprisingly good story as we can expect from the actual Grand Theft Auto. The story is centered around your character being in the wrong place, at the wrong time when you are saved by the 3rd Street Saints. You run missions for them in order to bring down the other local gangs: Los Carnales, West-side Rollerz, and the Vice Kings. But in order to do these missions, you have to play sometimes tedious mini-missions to gain respect so you can front the proper amount of respect required to play that story mission. The first of the game drags on until the third or fourth mission.
    The game handles like a FPS, yes, with an aimer and all. This is a welcome spin on the basic formula that made the game flow smoother. Although it is a welcome change, this makes driving very tedious in a drive-by. If you are looking to spend countless hours running from the cops, you will be disappointed because the AI is so stupid, that the cops are effortlessly dispatched. NO FUN THERE. If you do get bogged down with the police, then you can confess your sins at a forgive and forget confessional.
    This game is not completely fun, you will find yourself dispatching many enemies and come out with out a scratch. Thanks to the Havok physics engine, you will find people defying gravity when you hit them and then revert to an overly flexible rag-doll. You will barely see this through the frequent bugs that often happen at the worst times. But if you are looking for something to fill in the time between now and GTA 4, then you will have fun passing time on this game from the minds of THQ.

    -----------Tyler (MegaTyX)

    Graphics: 7/10 The graphics are not as good as they are supposed to be for a 360 game, and the game often drops a BG Layer.

    Sound: 7/10 The sound is relatively clean but the stations and the music in the game is very awful.

    Story line: 8/10 surprisingly there is a story line, about 3 different to be exact.

    Controls: 9/10 The game handles like a FPS, which is good but can cause a couple of mechanics problems.

    Online: TBA Sounds like just an excuse for real gangs to shoot each other in the game and real life.

    Replay value: Moderate.

    Buy, rent, or burn: Rent it, if it interests you at all.
    Samual GODDAM JACKSON *knock off*
    Samual GODDAM JACKSON *knock off*

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    Re: Saint's Row Review (keep in mind that I wrote this 2 or so years ago)

    Post  DunderMifflin,thisisLaura on Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:02 am

    Nice... but can you roar and jump on the bad guys to kill them?
    I think not.

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