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    Dead Rising (also 2 or so years ago)


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    Dead Rising (also 2 or so years ago) Empty Dead Rising (also 2 or so years ago)

    Post  MegaTyX on Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:35 am

    Dead Rising 9 out of 10

    Now, I know Zombie games can be repetitive or boring, but Dead Rising blows all that out of the water it is so good. This is no walk in the park; the difficulty level is extremely high. Where do I start on this game? Well, the story is extraordinarily good for an action game. You take control of a photographer named Frank. He gets a tip off that there are mass riots going down at this town. When he flies his chopper in, he sees many of these “people” crowding a mall so, he decides to land on the mall and investigates it. He tells his pilot to come and get him in three days.
    Here is the part where I start the review. Frank can level up, which you can do by gaining PP points through killing Zombies….and taking pictures. This will unlock some cool moves and increase stats. You cannot do all the cool moves that they showed at E3 until you reach level 30 or so. The zombies, although slow and stupid, serve as a nice obstacle between you and your goals. They will try to kill you no matter what, and I mean no matter what. Other obstacles include people who have went insane due do the Zombies. There are about ten and all bring a high level of difficulty to the table. You can also save people, who are scattered through out the mall, for extra PP usually resulting in a level up. As you save, kill, and rip people up, you will be timed and only certain events can be opened at certain times so you must keep an eye on your watch.
    The controls and action handles very smoothly. If you think you can fight off hoards of Zombies…. I would try this at a small area because in no way are you a bad ass, you are human. This game was very fun overall with tons and tons of unlockables. I especially liked dressing Frank in a MegaMan costume that I unlocked. This is a must have for any person who doesn’t own Oblivion yet.


    Graphics: 10/10 look just like they are supposed to on the 360, right down to the fibers on their coats.

    Sound: 9/10 Sounds great to me.

    Story line: 9/10 It has minimal plot holes, but the story is so good that you will play it after your three game days are up. *wink, wink*

    Controls: 9/10 work very well for the game it is supposed to be.

    Online: 7/10 Leaderboards, content download…. That’s pretty much it. Other people will own you when you think that you have done well.

    Replay value: very high Almost a defiant.

    Buy, rent, or burn: Buy, but you can get by with a rent and you will miss a good one for your library.

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